Every other year to increase curb appeal that my increase your value 5-10%.

No with the right pressure and cleaning agents.

No. we will do the work and have it done when we leave!
Mostly to protect the homeowner for liability purposes in case anything would happen.  Insurance should be a part of anyone who works on your home.
It depends if it is dirt or mold. We give free estimates, so there is no risk on your part.
It will turn white while we are there and then when it dry’s it will turn yellow. After time the sun’s UV rays will dry it out and it will crack up and wash away. This usually takes a month or so total time.
Yes, in fact we have a 2 gun setup so we can attack both sides of the trailer at once speeding up the job!
We sure do in fact that is how we got our start! We also clean anything wood which might include a log home, fence or play structure.
If the equipment is available we might work something out!!